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Two of our fancy dressage contestants getting into the spirit perfectly.

Maybe this is how they normally dress at home!

Well done everyone who contributed and took part, you elevated a great day.

Let us know if there are pictures in the gallery that you would like to change, remove or contribute toward?

Spectators enjoy the Fancy Dress Day event along with contestants by stable block one.

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Is it really Mickey Moose? Far too tricky to deduce.

Or Darth Vader on a horse? Did they win using the force?

Could it be the flying nun? How we laughed and had such fun.

Mother Teresa, tell us true. Was that rider really you?

Now that is what you call a beach babe. You go girl!

Garland Plaits with Gold Hot Pants.

It's a winning combination!


Constable speaks...

I am searching for a pantomime horse?

Crowed roar...

They are behind you.

Oh no they're not.


Come on now, let's be having you.

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