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Welcome to Hastingwood House

Hastingwood Dressage Group provide exceptional equine care, combined with professional livery services and customer focused support.

We passionately priorities the welfare of every animal under our charge, embracing all living creatures within our wildlife community.

Every horse is exclusively stabled, with daily access to our superior exercising facilities and impressive dressage arenas, ensuring they stay active, healthy and happy.

• Individual accommodation
• Calm peaceful habitat
• Fine quality wood chip bedding
• Prompt medical support
• Quality haylage and feed
• Monitored diet and nutrition
• Lush green meadows

Competitor or Spectator... We serve Tea and Coffee, steaming hot; Fresh food, cooked here, on the spot; Crisps, Sweets, Naughty Treats; Fruit Juice, Water and Fizzy Drinks!

Optimus cura nos probamus ~ Optimus tutela pro vestri equus
(Best care we endorse ~ Best care for your horse)

Providing the highest standard of equine livery care since 1998

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Hastingwood House
Hastingwood Road
Harlow, Essex CM17 9JX
Telephone: 07931 566644